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The New Pendulum Family of Companies

Family Owned and Operated Since 1983


Building Business with Integrity

Through Acquisition, Strategic Partnerships and Omni-Channel Expertise


Growth with
Omni-Channel Expertise

New Pendulum is a privately held company with a proven track record of successful acquisitions and accelerated growth since the mid 1980s.

Our family of companies has extensive industry experience across various channels, including direct mail, reseller/distributor management, international, e-commerce, digital marketing and online marketplaces.


Building Business
with Integrity

Our mission is to foster growth, increase profitability and provide continuity for businesses that may have had difficulty scaling their operations or developing a succession plan.

New Pendulum buys established or emerging businesses in good financial health and builds a trajectory of future success. We’re interested in small to medium sized companies with high brand potential across a broad spectrum of market spaces.

Family Owned
& Operated

We’re not big bankers or private equity, we don’t work in high-rise buildings, and we’re not interested in cut-and-run, slash-and-burn takeovers.

The New Pendulum team considers every acquisition a long-term investment. We value the company as well as the people who run it. Practicing good corporate stewardship is critical to the success of our subsidiaries, partnerships and strategic relationships.

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